We aim to de-mystify the procedures involved in selling or buying property and deal with matters quickly and efficiently for a fixed fee.


Selling Property

We will check the title when the property is marketed, manage initial transactions and source all documentation relating to your home. We will then negotiate the contract on your behalf with the buyer’s solicitor. We will draw up purchase and sale contract letters of negotiation, referred to as missives.

The missives will set a fixed date of entry which both parties are expected to work towards. After the conclusion of missives we will manage the paperwork involved in the legal transfer of the property to your buyer.

Buying Property

You need to employ a solicitor when buying a property because of the amount of money being spent and the complexity of contracts entered into. Although solicitors in Scotland are central to much of the property transaction, because they often market the property on behalf of the seller, their key task is in negotiating and checking the contracts and handling the transfer of the Title and cash.

It is useful to employ us early on in the process of buying a property, as we will have more experience in the process than you and we work on a fixed fee basis, so the timing rarely affects the cost. There is an important step in purchasing a property, which can take many weeks. That is setting up a mortgage loan. This gives you a budget to work with towards for the purchase.

We complete the transaction by paying the stamp duty land tax and arrange for the signed title deed to be registered with the land registry.

Talk to us early on.