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The law in this area is complex, and a will can be contested by a wide range of people 

  • Beneficiaries. 

  • Individuals or organisations promised an inheritance. 

  • Individuals or organisations who have been disinherited. 

  • Other third parties affected by the present will or a previous will. 

  • Individuals who are or were related to the Deceased or who were dependant upon the Deceased. 

From the outset we will discuss your case with you and advise you as to whether you are able to contest a will. 


If a person making a will was not of sound mind when the will was made, it may not be valid..  
This is known as not having “testamentary capacity”. With an ageing population and the rise of illnesses such as Alzheimers, dementia and other similar conditions, there is an increasing number of challenges to wills on the ground of lack of capacity.  
The person making the will must understand: 

  • That they are making a will and the consequences of making a will

  • The extent of their property. 

  • The claims of those who might expect to be left something in the will.

  • What Rights you as a family member might have

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about contesting a will.

ONLINE AGENTS The Ryanairs of Estate Agency

Online estate agents pitch themselves as a cheaper alternative to their high street counterparts, but are they a viable option for you? Online estate agents, such as Emoov, HouseSimple, Purplebricks and Tepilo, can appear to charge much lower fees for selling your house than high street agents. An online estate agent will value and market your home for you, and arrange property viewings. Most will also accept and negotiate offers on your behalf, and liaise with your solicitor, other estate agents and buyers until the sale is complete.

But there are a few significant differences.

Benefits of using your Local Estate Agency

  1. Fees Headline online agency fees tend to be lower than those charged by High Street agents but you often have to pay them up front, whether or not the company manages to sell your property. Check what services are in that upfront price. Sale Board, full listings, viewings, help and so on can all rack up big extras payable in advance.
  2. Viewing Fergusson Law will conduct viewings for you but with an online agent, the default option is that you do them yourself.
  3. Communication Someone will visit to take photographs and create floor plans but all other contact will usually be via email or phone. Taking charge of communications with buyers and solicitors without the help of an agent will be time-consuming and stressful. Brenda of Fergusson Law will be your personal account manager.
  4. Valuations Most online estate agents will visit your home to value it, just like us, but you won't necessarily get an online agent with specific knowledge of the local market.
  5. Marketing Fergusson Law markets your home until it sells or your contract comes to an end. In practice, the same is true of online estate agents, but always check their time limits.
  6. VettingBuyers Good high street agents will know whether potential buyers are quality applicants. Online estate agents may take details of names, finances and whether potential buyers are already part of a chain but are rarely equipped to follow these up, without an extra fee of course.

Brenda of Fergusson Law offers you fixed prices with all the services you expect of an estate agent.

Fergusson Law Launch Property Finding Service

The market for larger Edinburgh properties especially in the New Town is one for experienced professionals. Many properties are not promoted through customary web based channels, or even in agents’ shop windows let alone an advertising board.

Fergusson Law Property Manager Brenda Barclay has access to many of these off-market channels and has launched a Property Finding Service for clients.

Brenda is currently acting for a client urgently seeking a six bedroom New Town property. Immediate funds are available for such a house. Brenda has a full brief covering matters such as school areas, air and rail access and shopping opportunities.

She could do this for you too, with the utmost of discretion, including viewing property on your behalf. Give Brenda a call on 07935 388497.