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Never Too Young to Make a Will says Sunday Times

The Sunday Times has written an interesting article about why you are never too young to make a Will.  

Our news post about Rik Mayall hightlights the problems that can occur if there is no Will.   A Solicitor can help even if there is no Will but it is much easier if there is one in place.



Rik Mayall made no will. ..... Big tax bill

Read how Rik Mayall's family had a tax bill Click here to read a Telegraph article

How to reduce tax on your family assets.  First make a will.

  1. Give it all to your spouse
  2. Give it to your children or grandchildren and survive for seven years
  3. Put the assets in Trust
  4. Invest in AIM shares
  5. Give your income away

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Powers of Attorney - Avoid the Problems

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) published tips today, 4 February, to help banks and consumers avoid problems when supporting people who are losing the capacity to manage their finances. Complaints about Powers of Attorney are on the rise.

On average the body is receiving 30 to 40 new cases every month, up from 25-30 last year, often involving highly distressing situations.

Most of the issues relate to misunderstandings about what powers have been granted.

However, the FOS says most of these grievances could have been avoided by consulting a competent solicitor. The FOS is issuing new advice for bank staff and donors registering or appointed representatives that hold a Power of Attorney, to help alleviate the tensions.

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