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Poor Power of Attorney advice can cost you money

Whilst the thought of appointing someone to act for you if you become incapacitated is not a topic many like to think about and can be quite emotional, the implications of not having an LPA when you need one can cause an even bigger strain on the family.

Without an LPA people will find themselves powerless to do even the simplest things on their loved ones behalf, such as pay their bills or decide on their daily routine.

Obtaining a lasting power of attorney saves families an enormous amount of heartache when a loved one becomes incapacitated. 

"For the individual who has granted an LPA it also puts their mind at rest that they will have someone they trust acting on their behalf if the worst happens. Getting the right advice and support is key."

Contact Fergusson Law  today for expert help and advice on setting up a power of attorney.

Digital Assets in your Will?

Digital Assets in Wills

We all use the web daily. The number of online accounts and the value of digital assets are only going to increase. So why do so few people consider what will happen to their digital assets when they die?

Think of two categories.

  1. Financial Information - While not being an asset itself, it can lead us to our assets and liabilities such as online bank accounts, savings and investments, PayPal, eBay, and shopping accounts.
  2. Digital Assets - With value in their own right, whether a character in World of Warcraft, our music downloads or a Kindle library.
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5 Ways to Minimise Inheritance Tax

A recent article in Investors Chronicle points out that if you haven’t made plans for your investments after you die, your wealth could waste away through poor decision making and corrosive tax.

The article suggests 5 ways to minimise inheritance tax:

  1. Give all your wealth to your spouse
  2. Give it to your children or grandchildren and survive for 7 years
  3. Put the assets in Trust
  4. Invest in AIM shares
  5. Give your income away

At Fergusson Law our Solicitors are experienced in providing Inheritance Tax advice. Please get in touch so that we can help you.