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Setting up a Trust

Setting up a trust can help to protect assets and save tax at the same time. For example, you might want to give your niece a lump sum, but do not want her to spend it on the wrong things. By putting the money in trust, you can be sure that your niece will benefit from the money, but your appointed Trustees will manage the funds so that they are spent in line with your wishes. You could also benefit from a tax saving.

Administering a Trust

Are you looking for cost effective trust administration? When a trust is up and running, it needs to be managed. If the trust holds a lump sum, this needs to be invested so that it does not lose value. If the trust holds a house, this will need to be maintained and possibly let out.

We can help make the best of the assets held in your trust and keep the paperwork up to date, including preparation of annual accounts, tax returns and income and capital distributions to beneficiaries. We can also advise on the variation and winding up of trusts and carry out any work required to do so.


Are you a Trustee?

Are you looking for advice on your powers and responsibilities? Perhaps you would like to appoint somebody to make sure that you are complying with the tax rules and regulations applying to the trust? Maybe you want to resign or appoint another trustee to help out. We can help you keep on top of your responsibilities and advise you on trust decisions, the appointment of new trustees, or the resignation of existing trustees.